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It's 2016! happy new year to all you guys! how was your holiday!? had a pretty good break this holiday .. and late night holiday preparations too. It was a mix of both relax and tiresome holiday week. But anyway, I had fun! so much fun! In fact, I just came back from a quick family getaway. I'm very tired but very happy!

So much about that guys...At this time, if you can tell it's almost February which means PROm! but there aren't any prom dresses ready yet so the best thing to do is to shop online! I already browsed (which you all know, I browse a lot) and I saw a lot of good looking cheap prom dresses. Here are just some of top cheap prom dresses from Dressilyme. 

I love the sexy cut and at the same time the neck beaded detail. Lovely!

I have a thing for champagne dresses and no wonder this dress quickly caught my attention. It's just simply elegant.

Here's a tip. If you're kind of choosy with dresses and you like elegant but simple you can also check for some A line wedding dresses. Yes guys wedding dresses! why not? 
They both can pass for Prom! I myself can wear this for Prom if given the chance! they're adorable! <3

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