Ball Gown and Mermaid Wedding Dresses 2016

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Good morning or evening wherever you are the world! I am back with another set of lovely wedding dresses. I have given you a ton of wedding dresses with my previous posts and I know you've already seen a lot but let me tell you, you haven't seen all! For some of you, you may not have found yet your dream wedding dress so better yet read on for more lovely wedding dresses! :)

So for today, I saw these lovely mermaid wedding dresses from Dressilyme. You know I'm a fan of mermaid style wedding dresses, so when I saw these amazing designs I immediately fell in love with them! 
The thing about this dress is it's simplicity which I completely dig! Recently, I find myself loving simple dresses just like this one right here.

I love that the dress is plain with no heavy bead detail all over it. The lace detail on the upper part is just beyond perfection!

Now if you're not a fan like I am with mermaid wedding dresses, then your heart might be for ball gown wedding dresses. If you read my previous posts, you will know that I am not a fan of ball gowns but also just recently aside from simple dresses I also started to love ball gowns. Here are some of the ones I love.
Both these dresses are lovely! I think that they are not overly done like what most ball gowns tend to look. 

Definitely check out Dressilyme for more lovely gown choices!

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  1. i love these wedding dresses,and thanks for your share


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