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Have you guys checked my last post? If yes, then I'm sure you know I was talking about mermaid wedding dresses and all that. Today, I'm still gonna be talking about it. lol  Because I saw this wonderful cheap mermaid wedding dress from Adasbridal and I thought I will share it to you.

This is one of the simple wedding dress that as I said I was starting to love. Why not!? I love this satin gown so much! just look at the details and I'm sure you will love it too.

Aside from that, I also discovered awesome but cheap wedding dresses at Adasbridal too. Here are my top favorites.

I love that it is very classy with the lace details all over. Also, the fact that it isn't the typical showy wedding dress. It is very demure which is very appropriate for church weddings.

I just really wanna show you these dresses so I decided to blog it right away. Sorry if I'm bombarding you this wedding dresses post but I just love it, please don't be annoyed. Lol Anyway, see you on my next post!

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