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I'm not the "pink" type of girl and I know some of you feel the same way too but let's be all honest, that  for once in our lives we've been obsessed with pink. Let's not deny the fact that we've been through that phase in our lives. And also, just because we've had enough of pink from our childhood days doesn't mean we won't love anything pink at some point in time right? And with all honesty, pink will always be a girl's favorite color. 

Pink just suddenly popped out on my mind and maybe because I saw a lot of gorgeous pink evening dresses last night. lol Pink evening dresses are very common with debut, sweet sixteen birthdays, bridal shower , prom and all that girly stuff. A pink evening dress will always be next to that LBD in our closet. So for girls who doesn't have their pink evening dresses yet, girl you are missing so much. You gotta have what a girl gotta have!  So here are just a few of my favorites from Promtimes' Pink Evening Dresses Collection.

Personally, I love pink with some kind of dark-nude hue like this. It just screams vintage and old rose. You know what I mean?

This is one of my favorite because of it's simplicity and elegance. This dress reminds me that elegance isn't about all the jazz but the style, not matter how simple or plain. 

I love the detail of this dress so much! the beads and embellishments are simple amazing but not overwhelming, just classy.

If you're like me who has a taste for edgy style I think this dress will suit you. This is obviously very pink and girly but the neck and shoulder detail toned down the girly aura of the dress and made it look formal with a hint of edge. I hope it make sense lol but you can tell by the dress anyway.

Aren't they gorgeous!? don't tell me you didn't like any of it because if you do, girl you are blind! kidding aside, I know for some or maybe a lot of you are thinking about the price and all that money stuff. Don't worry because I guarantee that they're affordable and you wont regret ordering one from them! also, if you're really on a tight budget, girl I got you! they have dresses that are under $50! yes! you heard it right.  Check this link to see more.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Pink dresses are so girly. Cute post :)

    Brina xoxo,

  2. dress number 2 is utterly beautiful, my favourite!


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