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Hey guys! 
Have you ever experienced having difficulty of choosing from a wide variety of gorgeous dresses? or perhaps, you just can't find your dream wedding dress despite the choices. You are not alone! because I've been through that situation and it's just hard; well not in the case of wedding dresses you guys! :) And that brings me to this blog post topic. 

If you have several designs that you got from different dresses and you want to combine one or two details of each into one, then custom made wedding dresses should be an option. With Lunss, your dream wedding dress is just about a month to make. You make the design and they make the dress for you!  don't worry because they will assist you from the very beginning starting from your dream design up to the end product. Customization is endless, it's all up to you! they have almost 150 colors that you can choose. Also, it's cheaper than having to buy pre-made dresses that doesn't really fit your style and most of the time, your size. 

But if you are tired and you really don't have the idea of a good wedding dress, here are gorgeous dresses that for sure you might love but perhaps you want a couple of changes on the color or details or whatnot. These are fully customizable dresses!

So how does the whole customization process happen? Here take a look.

To entice you more about Lunss' gorgeous creations, here are more of their amazing work.

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