How Much Is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You

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Hey guys! school has been hectic lately (what's new?) but anyway I am absolutely back! thank God midterm exam is over! and speaking off exam, for college students or even Masteral students like me I know how coffee makes a big part of your study routine. Especially when it comes to overnight study or group study. I absolutely rely on coffee to get me awake for more hours of study. And for teens, it's no wonder why Starbucks and other coffee shops are very busy nowadays. Coz' we all love frappes, and lets be honest guys hahaha coffee shops nowadays are not just for businessmen or any formal conversations because nowadays teens and basically everyone hang out on coffee shops! And speaking of coffee, I just found some cool info graphics about coffee that will totally blow up your mind!

We are a nation, no a world, better yet a planet of coffee drinkers! And the UK consumer is officially addicted to those magic little black beans. The British high street is made up of outlets such as Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, Wild Bean Café, Coffee Republic etc and for good reason. We simply cannot get enough of the delicious and energy enhacing black liquid.

But have you ever stepped back to think how much your spending on your love of coffee? Guarantor loans company Buddy loans have produced an infographic to show you just how much your coffee addictions is costing you. You might be surprised and consider it before handing over Starbucks another £3.50 for your iced caffe mocha!

We cannot get enough of that dark and bitter liquid. Some may prefer their coffee back, with just milk, or milk and sugar, either way we consume gallons of the stuff. Globally, 400 billion cups of coffee are consumer each year!

In just July of this year, over 9 million bags of coffee were shipped/exported. That’s in just one (1) month. It is estimated that over 140 million 60kg bags of coffee were produced 2014/2015. There seems to be no slowing down of coffee sales either. It is a billion pound industry across the world, and not cheap either.
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