How I Keep My Skin Looking And Feeling Good All Winter

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Winter is here, and with it comes blasts of cold, wet, windy weather. I don’t know about you, but during the winter months, I always find that my skin starts to play up a little. The minute winter arrives, it upsets our skin, leading to redness, dryness, and soreness.

The problem isn’t just the cold weather; it’s also the fact that at home and work, we have our heating turned up. While keeping warm in the winter months is a must, the heat can wreak havoc on our skin.
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I am sure I am not the only one whose skin reacts to the cold weather, so I thought I would share a few tips for how you can keep your skin healthy. For all my top tips, keep reading below.

Understand your skin
When it comes to our skin, far too many of us aren’t aware of exactly what it is that causes irritation. If you want to keep your skin looking and feeling good during the colder months, you need to know what it is that upsets your skin.Is it the wet weather or the wind causing chapping and soreness? Or, are your heaters causing your skin to dry out, becoming tight and sore? If you are unsure what affects your skin, keep note of when it flares up so that you can work out the triggers. (I know my skin, so when it becomes sore, I always know what has caused it.)

Take care of your face
You might think that this goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, as so many of us fail to look after our skin. We might think that applying moisturizer once every couple of days is all it takes for healthy skin, but that’s not the case.

For healthy skin, you need an effective skin care routine in place. It’s also essential that you lead a skin-enhancing lifestyle. You can read more about living a skin-friendly lifestyle online, where you will find lots of tips and advice.

Switch to thicker creams
In the summer months, you might be able to get away with using a light moisturizer, but in the winter, that’s not the case. To keep your skin happy and healthy, during the winter months, you need to switch to a thicker cream. There are plenty of rich moisturizers to choose from, but some of the best ones contain shea butter. The cold weather can cause skin to crack, which is why using a rich cream, like L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich Moisturizer, is important.

Don’t forget to exfoliate
When your skin is red and sore, it’s easy to make the mistake of not exfoliating. However, as the cold weather can leave your skin dry, as well as red and sore, exfoliating is important.
If your skin is feeling a little sensitive, opt for a homemade scrub, as these tend to be gentler. Oats and honey make a fantastically gentle facial scrub, which is ideal for sore, dry skin. So if your skin is too sore for regular scrub, going doing the DIY route could be ideal.

Once the weather gets colder and the heating goes on, our skin is more prone to damage. This means that taking care of it is even more important.

Have a great day!

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