Holiday Gift Ideas For HER: Cool Bags

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Hey guys! We all know how time flies so fast and obviously since it's already November, in no time it will be Christmas. In just a blink of an eye, it will be the time where children carol from one house to another, singing their hearts out of tune. lol but yeah, that's how time is. It goes very fast. So as early as now, we should already be looking for cool gift items! we wouldn't want to join the rush of last minute shopping right?

As always, I recommend online shopping. Because they're unique, on trend, and affordable too. Here are my top bags from Omgnb that every girl would love to receive this Christmas. 
If your sister or your girlfriend probably are crazy with backpacks then for sure she'll love this! I know because I do! If you haven't notice yet, anything metallic are very on trend right now and this bag just screams metallic all over!

This bag on the other hand is perfect for the girly girls who loves cute prints and pastel colored bags. And as you can see, the strap is metallic so I guess that's a plus.

For ladies who loves to carry light bags, then this cute patterned sling is perfect for them. This bag is very convenient for casual days like strolling around mall or park.

For professional ladies, take a break from the norm black bags when going to work. If you need to carry loads of stuff like phones, wallet, makeup kit, notebook and whatnot, this medium size cute and elegant bag will surely give your style a breath of fresh air. 

If you can't fit all your stuff in medium bag, then this tote bag will surely do the work! Also, it has a carry on bag inside for free!

And if you're friend or maybe your mom loves to stroll around at ease with a clutch, then this cute embroidered boho clutch will spice up her look.

I think that's it guys. If you have more cute gift ideas for girls,please comment them down below because I'm also still on the process of gift hunting. Anyway, if you loved these items be sure to check this site out for more lovely and awesome gift finds!

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