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Phew! two blog posts in a row! I just think that since its the holidays, we need some gorgeous evening gowns. Don't we? For sure, from the start of December until the end it's non stop Christmas Party from friends, reunions to company gatherings. And for sure, you don't want to wear the same dress to all of those events. So I thought maybe you need a little help on that aspect. I browsed quite a lot, as you all know and just recently I found Gudeer. I already talked about their site a while back and when I came to visit once again just a while ago, I found these gorgeous discount evening dresses. I'm sure you will love these! <3

Modern, sleek and sophisticated. Though I'm not a big fan of pink, this dress is very classy and it doesn't look over the top as the usual pink dresses. If your not digging this color, don't worry because they have lots of colors available on this design. Also, you can change the halter in a lot of ways! now, that's a thumbs up!

Another modern and sleek design that I love. And for sure you all do too! who doesn't? :)

If you're a fan of lace and mesh then this dress is absolutely your style. 

Now, if you're not loving the red on this style you can this black design instead. They are not the exact design as you can see but they look so much alike!

Check out Gudeer for more lovely designs!

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