4 Common Misconceptions Of Getting Botox

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Looking after our skin and delaying the ageing process is something we all want to achieve. Some of us use a cocktail of moisturisers, serums and cleansers to help us. But some of us opt for more intense treatments to gain youthfulness. Botox is one of the world’s top beauty aids. Once only available to the rich and famous it’s now become more accessible. Meaning anyone can get smooth and wrinkle-less skin. If you’re considering getting botox, this guide will help dispel some of the many misconceptions and help you make a final decision.

"Only get Botox when lines and wrinkles appear"
It's been proven that it’s more beneficial to get Botox before wrinkles appear. If you wait until they have deepened makes it much harder to smoothen their appearance again. It’s best to use treatments like Botox for aging prevention, so it’s best to get started before your lines get really etched into your skin. It’s a good idea to avoid doing a lot of scowling and squinting as this could worsen your lines over time. Meaning you will likely need more extensive treatments. 

"You can get Botox at any age"
While it’s best to use Botox before lines and wrinkles appear, there is such a thing as starting too early. Specialist botox clinics will vary their age limit and may even require parental consent if you are under 18. It’s recommended that anyone under the age of 20 should not be getting botox as they will not have the deeper set lines that come with age.

"Botox paralyses you face"
As we have all seen in the media, some people can overdo their treatments. Resulting in a frozen and often emotionless looking appearance. You will actually be encouraged to move your face after the procedure. This means the results are more effective, and you still get to express yourself. Botox will treat the wrinkles you want to smooth out and does limit some of the muscular movements as a result. This is so you don’t get further lines but should never be strong enough to paralyse your facial muscles. The key is to find a top quality doctor at a specialist clinic who can recommend how often you get the injections.

"Botox is just for getting rid of wrinkles"
Wrong. Believe it or not, Botox was originally used to treat people with eye and neck conditions. It’s been known in medical circles for over a century and only in the past 50 years has it become an anti ageing remedy. Nowadays the injections can be used to treat people who suffer from severe migraines by reducing the tension in their muscles. People who suffer from excess sweating can also be given Botox injections. It temporarily blocks their sweat glands and reduces their symptoms. You will have to ask your doctor about these techniques and also if it would be a suitable treatment for you.

So there you have it. 4 misconceptions of botox that should be dispelled immediately. Remember to research reputable Botox clinics before you have the procedure. If used in the right way and started at the right age it makes an incredible anti-aging solution.

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