Where Should You Have Your Destination Wedding?

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bride-and-groom-483223_1280.jpgThere’s no sugarcoating it, weddings are expensive business. Between the cost of the venue and catering, and the price of all the little odds and ends you’ll need, you could easily be looking at a five-figure sum. Rather than staying at home to get married, more and more people are choosing a destination wedding. Plus, everyone loves an excuse for a good holiday. Discover some of the world’s most beautiful wedding locations with our list below. 

The Bahamas
There are so many beautiful places in the Caribbean and Central America, which could make this list. I plumped for The Bahamas, and I’m sticking with it. The Bahamas boasts gorgeous white-sand beaches, premier scuba diving spots and a wonderful history. Your guests will love turning a trip here for you wedding into a full-blown holiday. If you want something really grand you can rent your very own island to get married on! 
Best time for a wedding: December through to April offers great weather. Try to avoid the area from June till November - whilst hurricanes are rare, this is the time of year they can happen. 

There’s no denying that France makes some of the world’s best wine. With that in mind, Champagne and wine lovers need to have a French wedding. Imagine greeting your guests from a stunning wine chateaux, and think about all the fantastic wine you’ll get at a bargain price. 

Best time for a wedding: The best time of year to go really depends on where in France your wedding will be. However, it is a good rule of thumb to plump for the spring or summer months and avoid the nastier winter. 

Weddings in Oman offer a wonderful slice of Eastern culture. The country boasts a spectacular range of natural beauty and scenic landscapes. If Oman is your chosen wedding destination, you will be sure to get some stunning photos.

Best time for a wedding: Oman is bathed in sun all year round, but November to March offers a warm winter. Try to avoid the summer months between May and September when temperatures can soar. The last thing you want is to be sticky in your beautiful wedding dress

In Mexico, you’re spoilt for choice with options for destination weddings. There’s an abundance of pristine beaches, great weather, friendly people and tequila. Picture yourself walking down a gorgeous white-sand beach with the bluest of waters around you. That makes for a pretty spectacular wedding day. 

Best time for a wedding: December through to May is the best time for warm weather and not much rain. 

Tuscany’s rolling hills and gorgeous landscapes make it a romantic place to get hitched. Host your wedding amongst the vineyards and olive groves of the area’s countryside. Or head to one of the bigger towns like Florence to get married between 15th-century art and architecture.

Best time for a wedding: May, September and October are most reliable for good weather. However, July and August can become very hot and humid.

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