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Have you ever experienced not liking any dresses you see both online and in the malls?
Sometimes, even the most beautiful dresses don't meet some of the people's standards. Maybe because we just really happen to have different taste and preferences. Or maybe you're just very creative and you have created something in mind that no one had ever done so far. Which those two are you? am I making sense? Anyway, if you've been through that kind of situation then I guess it's normal and it happens at some point.

For those who have experienced it like I did, the only solution I can think is to customize your own dress. If you have a trusted tailoring shop then you might want to personally talk about the design you want for your dress. But to tell you honestly, this might get a little way over the budget. I've had customized gown before and it was way too expensive than I thought.  Another option is to make your custom dresses online.

Yes guys, you heard it right! you can totally customized your dream dress online! you just have to contact them. Send sketches and tell them how you want it to look like. They have very reliable and fast customer service in case you have changes with the dress.
If you're a bit doubtful about this idea, then this reviews might help you decide. Dressilyme has been experts with customizing dresses. They have made a lot of women's dream gowns come true to life. And I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss this chance! right?

Also, aside from custom dresses they also have a lot of mother of the bride dresses made for the special Moms of both the groom and bride.

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  2. These are stunning dresses, wow :)

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