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You all know that Fall is not a thing from where I live. But, we still love boots! Fall or not, boots are very trendy and high fashion so why not!? Well I don't really wear boots that much, like in day to day basis. Just at times, where I feel like dressing up a bit or during rainy days like what's happening kind of these past days.  And I'm pretty sure there will be more chill and rainy days coming so I was thinking of adding one more pair of awesome boots for the rainy season. So I browsed online and obviously I found a lot. And know, I don't know what to buy! so guys, please comment down below which of these I should get because I'm pretty much confused, very confused in fact.

This pair of flat leather boots ( so pretty! I was thinking of buying it but I also thought that maybe, on our kind of weather this high knee boots are a bit overstated. I don't know, coz it's just so pretty. Should I grab this?

This high heel boots ( caught my attention. I love the fur detail but again, I think it's a bit fancy and overstated to be worn on a daily basis from where I live. But well, maybe I could use these at other times, on other places... maybe?

This high heel booties on the other hand are very high fashioned. And I think this is very suitable for business attires and formal events. But the problem is I don't really attend formal events so this would probably just sit on my cabinet.

And so I found this pair of flat black boots ( I think this would be my pair! flat ankle boots are  is simple and pretty much casual. 

Guys! what do you think? which should I get? I'm pretty sure I'll get the last pair but I was also thinking of buying one of the other selections. Anyway guys, if you happen to love these pairs, check out for more lovely womens high heel boots.

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  1. I am loving the boots. I been wanting to buy one.
    Spices & Everything Nice


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