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Hey guys! Sorry if I bombarded you with wedding dress posts the past days. Life hasn’t been exciting lately. I’ve been occupied with a lot of things and I do not even know which one to do first. I’m pretty confused because I’ve been pretty much busy but I haven’t finished anything. And by the looks of it, I think I haven’t even started anything yet! It sucks! School sucks! I shouldn’t have enrolled full load this semester.  Hahaaaay

I wanted to post more guys, believe me but I don’t think I have time to like take pictures, type hundreds of words and all that. But anyway, it seems like you’re liking my obsession with wedding dresses so to at least make up for that I’m sharing you another set of my favorites.

Gorgeous A line wedding dress with super lovely and intricate lace and bead details! My favorite! I love how it doesn't look so bulky and big. I also love how conservative and church appropriate the design is. The back detail is also very interesting.

This breezy mullet wedding dress is another of my favorite. Very feminine and very lovely. This can be perfect for any wedding, be it church or beach.

And guys, talk about this dress! the bomb! this 2 in 1 wedding dress is absolutely perfect for those in tight budget! you won't need to splurge big on two dresses for the ceremony and reception. Think about spending wisely! *wink* Adasbridal has more 2 in 1 wedding dresses that will surely fit your style so better check them out!

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