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I just saw tons of gorgeous gowns on Instragram from the recently concluded Starmagic Ball 2015 and I was so amazed. Starmagic ball never fail to stun me. Local celebrities dress up all glammed for the most star studded event of the year. I got my best dressed list but I think I'll have to make a separate post for that.

Most of them were wearing long sleeve evening dresses with stunning beads & lace details and a lot flaunted their sexy backs. They were all so gorgeous and obviously they've prepared for the event. I was so amazed and so I thought that if I were given a chance to attend the event next year, what should I wear!? So I searched on the internet and found a bunch of stuff.
If you've been reading my blog, you probably seen this long evening dress before. And I'm currently thinking maybe I could pull this off, but well except for the sexy back. I don't I could flaunt because obviously I don't think I have that kind of back to maybe I'd have to alter that sexy part.

Uhm here's another sexy back dress from Wishesbridal which I think looks very gorgeous and perfect for the event. I think for the back part, I'll retain the cross detail but I'll have to cover it up a bit. hehe

Out of these three lovely long evening dresses I think this last one which is also from Wishesbridal  will suit me. It's not too sexy nor too covered up. The sparkly and glittered details 
make it look very sweet and elegant at the same time. But I'm not so sure though coz I'm more a fan of mermaid long sleeve evening dresses. LOL

For sure I already sound pathetic right now because how in the world could I attend the Starmagic ball next year!? I'm insane, I know. hahahaha but anyway just let me be just for this time. Okay?! okay! :)

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