Great Ways To Tidy Your Appearance

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There are times when I look in the mirror and think I look a mess. I’m not saying I’ve been rolling around in the dirt. But everyone has those days when they’re just not as happy with their appearance as they should be. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day, or your eyebrows aren’t quite as tidy as they could be. Personal grooming is an ongoing battle for perfection. Here are my tips for keeping yourself looking immaculate:

Hair is often wayward. It seems to sense the weather changing and rebels on a daily basis. In my tresses taming toolkit I have hair smoothing cream, hair irons, and spray. I keep tatty ends at bay with a quick end trim every couple of weeks and then have a proper cut every six weeks. I don’t need a color right now, but when it’s dull, I head straight for the salon. Hair irons or curlers smooth the hair and give it a good, shiny finish. 

I am a big fan of spa treatments and facials. You can find out more about what a medical spa can do for you if you’re worried about those first few signs of aging. I think facial massage is a good way for you to feel good as well as look good. The frown just disappears. Keeping blemishes under control is my biggest concern. I want flawless skin to enhance my appearance. Strict cleansing and toning is essential.

Facial Hair
Keeping those odd hairs under control is a pain in the backside, but it’s got to be done. Even if you can’t see that odd hair under your eyebrow from a distance, it does create a rough around the edges appearance overall. Shape your eyebrows carefully before getting rid of the strays. It will be easier to avoid going too far. Use a wax to remove hair for longer on the top lip, but be sure to condition the skin after to avoid redness.

I hate it when my clothes come out of the closet all crumpled. I haven’t always got time to iron every morning. I’ve tried hanging the blouse for the morning in the bathroom while I shower. It worked reasonably well but didn’t give a completely tidy finish. The secret to a crease-free look is the starch. Even just a little will help you iron out the creases, and the finish just stays. For a tidy look, keep your clothing in good condition.

Last but not least, your makeup can go a long way to tidying your appearance. It finishes the look and will hopefully last all day. Eyeliner and mascara are the main culprits for an untidy finish. For the perfect eyes, use a finer liner, and take your time. If you need to use more than two brushes of your mascara, chances are you’re better off with inserts or falsies. Clumping looks awful, so avoid this if you want that ultimate finish.

We all want to look good all the time, but sometimes it’s just so hard! Keeping on top of things like your skin care goes a long way to keeping you looking immaculate. Look good and feel good.

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  1. great post and great tips! sometimes just a small change makes a big difference. :)


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