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Weather is becoming so bipolar as time goes by. It gets so hot all day and then all of a sudden, heavy rain pours late in the afternoon. It makes me feel so sick (not literally sick though) and tired and hot headed. Have you ever felt that? I know for sure that for some of you, you can't really relate because you're on your way to the coldest climate of the year.

But anyway enough of my rant, let's go back to my crazy obsession with gowns. If you're taste are the same as mine and you like serpentine or mermaid type of gowns then read on :) Here are some of my favorite cheap mermaid wedding dresses that I thought you might get inspiration with. And by cheap, I mean literally cheap! and not only cheap because they're totally gorgeous and worth every penny. You won't even know they're cheap because quality wise, they're one of the best.

If you are a fan of huge sale (like me) then grab one of these because they're on huge huge sale right now! up to 50% off! imagine that!? Hurry and check Adasbridal for more cheap wedding dresses.

This dress is the bomb! you get to wear two styles in one outfit. One helpful tip guys, if you're on tight budget and you want to chop off some money from buying two gowns for the wedding ceremony and reception, then opt for a versatile dress like this. Hitting two birds in one stone!

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