5 Things I Always Bring With Me On My Travels

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Travelling is extremely fun and a wonderful way to get out and enjoy life. But, with travelling comes the burden of packing! If I go on a trip, there are certain things I must bring with me. Here are five things I can’t travel without:

A Power Strip
As you’ll soon see, I take things on trips that require charging. Sometimes I’ll need multiple things plugged in at once. The trouble is, many hotels only have a couple of wall sockets in their rooms. This is why I always pack a power strip wherever I go. It’s important for me and comes in handy. Of course, if I’m off to a foreign country I make sure to pack the correct plug adapter too!

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My Camera
I’m one of those old school people that likes to carry a camera around as well as their smartphone. Simply because my camera takes much better pictures and video! So, if I want to capture memories of my travels, I want them to be in the best quality possible. Plus, I can store and take more photos with my camera so don’t have to worry about taking up phone storage (which I’ll need for all the games I play on flights). I love creating photo albums from my trips and looking back at them later in life. My camera is a must and something I always pack first. 

My Laptop
You may groan and think ‘really?!’ but my laptop is important to my travelling routine! For starters, I can put all my photos on it when I get back to my hotel at the end of a long day. Secondly, it allows me to check for any changes to flights and Google things to do in the area. Also, it allows me to stay up to date with things and maybe write a travel post while I’m away. Plus, I can download loads of movies before I go and watch them on the flight or if I get bored!

My Pillow
I can’t go on any trip without bringing my pillow with me. No matter where I’m going, or where I’m staying, no place will have a pillow that meets my high standards. I have a jumbo pillow, similar to the one sold by West Point Home, that makes sleeping a whole lot easier. If I don’t bring it with me, I know I will struggle to get a good night’s sleep. As a result, I’ll be tired the next day and won’t be able to get as much done as I’d have liked! So, for me, my personal pillow is a must for any trip I take!

My Hairdryer/Straighteners 
My final thing is actually more like two things, but still! I have to bring my hairdryer and straighteners with me when I go on trips. This is because the place I’m staying may not supply me with them. Or, even worse, they supply me with substandard ones that will ruin my hair! It’s a must for me, so I can make sure I’m looking my best every day I’m away. 

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