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I've been spending quite some time on Pinterest (follow me here) lately and I've been full of inspirations, like literally A TON. From DIYs, fashion, recipes and so much more. So here I am trying to share to you my not so new found interest - bohemian fashion. 

It is no doubt why Vanessa Hudgens is called as bohemian queen by many (including me of course) because she simply slays it all the time! And I love how different pieces when put together looks so fabulous on her. Which makes me think at times if I were to wear them, would it still look good on me? I bet not! hahaha because only she can do it. This photos will testify that!
And because Vanessa Hudgens has been one of my fashion favorite since High school musical days, I've been eyeing on bohemian fashion which made me literally search about it on Google. And seriously if you want to incorporate bohemian into your style you simply have to feel it. Be wild spirited and simply break fashion rules. Do not be so fix minded about what works or not. What works will work, period. 
First things first, bohemian style starts with a bohemian dress. Or simply anything with flowly and breezy structure with lace, crochet and/or tribal prints. And start working on from there.

Here's a very lovely bohemian inspired dress. I saw this online and literally my eyes were stuck with the photo. Formal dresses online are literally unique and one of a kind. Found this from  www.missydressesau.com by the way :)

Next on the list are of course layers and layers and more layers of accessories. The more the better. And also, don't forget to curl some waves and put head pieces on such as flower crowns, jewelries or a huge floppy hat.

And the last thing is to wear some hippie sunglasses. If you're a fan of coachella, you'll definitely agree on this. One important part of an outfit is a huge and eye catching sunglasses to complete everything out.

Just remember to be you, be wild spirited and don't mind anything. Be crazy on accessories and wear literally whatever you want :)

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  1. Love this post!
    bohemia is such a beautiful style and i really love to wear it!
    But it's just a summer thing, i think :)
    Love , francii
    from boon-and-bane.blogspot.de

  2. Ohh, this is such a fantastic and inspiring post my dear Emmerey! I love hippie, boho vibes :D I'm your newest follower, xoxo <3

  3. Boho fashion is definitely very stylish and unique, and I feel that it is a very easy style to work with as you can mix and match clothes more easily and still look super stylish! :)
    //Sara xx


  4. Thank you guys for dropping by!


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