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Hey guys! I'm back with another set of gorgeous wedding gowns that I'm very sure you would like! I found these lovely uk wedding dresses and I just cannot get over how lovely they are.  
This has to be my favorite among all I saw. I'm not a huge fan of ball gowns because I thought they look overwhelming but this one caught my attention. Who wouldn't love it! it looks very simple and sophisticated. I feel like a princess wearing this elegant gown.

And these two gowns are another of my favorite aside from the first one. Obviously as you guys can tell, I'm a minimalist and I like simple and less detailed gowns.

 For me, whenever I shop aside from the look or no matter how on trend the item is I always make sure to check other people's opinion and most importantly those who have bought before me. I'm pretty sure that it's not just me who really looks at reviews online or by friends who have bought from the same shop or brand. Because let's be real guys, we all have to be practical and especially when shopping online because we never get to see the item in person. Its only on the screen and we can never really tell if they'll look the same in the actual right!? And because of that, even if we love the item so much, we have to rely on reviews to check if people who have bought before us are actually happy with their purchase. Good thing about reviews nowadays is because most of them have actual pictures to show how satisfied they are with their purchases. And from what I have observed, reviews have all been rated good. Meaning, people really loved their experience with and that they're really happy with the item they bought. Here are some actual photos from happy customers :)

Go ahead and shop now guys, and don't forget to upload and share your experience with ! 

Alright guys, I guess that's it for now. See you on my next post!

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  1. This will be a nice reference for my future wedding gown. Simplicity is always the best kind of style. ♥ | Spices & Everything Nice

  2. Wow... what a gorgeous styling!! Find more Wedding Dresses with sleeves here:


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