Wedding Dresses for Plus Size Women

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I understand that not everyone of us prefer to be skinny or aren't born with small frames. If you're plus size, don't be sad or do not underestimate your frame because one thing skinny girls don't have are your curves. And personally, I prefer having curves than none at all! Whenever I see super models with their deep collarbones and straight bods, I couldn't appreciate it at all! instead I always think that maybe they sacrificed a lot of good food and meals just to achieve that kind of body. And I do understand that it's part of their work but If I were to ask, I wouldn't want to be too skinny as them. I prefer the normal body with enough fats and curves. At least I get to eat what I want (moderately, of course) without even thinking of my job! you know what I mean? :)

So for you, plus size women out there don't be sad about your size because it's who you are. People really go that phase for once in their life. And if that phase falls on your wedding day, I have amazing plus size wedding dresses uk from modadress that are custom made for your needs. I have checked a lot online and found so many gorgeous wedding dresses until I found plus sized gowns and thought maybe my readers you guys would love to see too! Here are some :)

If you're a fan of lace like me, then I'm sure you're eyes are dazzling over this pretty lace dress with sophisticated bead details!

I remember when I first heard of the song All About That Bass by Mhegan Trainor with this line "my Momma she told me don't worry about size, because boys like a little more bootie to hold at night" I then realize that boys really do prefer women with curves than the skinny ones. In fact, even all of my boy friends said that. So don't be sad about it! but to tell you, you're curves look really good but remember girls, too much fat is dangerous to our health. When it comes to looks, there's nothing wrong with being big but in terms of health, being so big attracts diseases. And I think regular exercise and diet is needed to just trim off the excess but of course don't overdo it or else you'll end up as skinny as those models I told you.  

For more drop dead gorgeous gowns, check this link guys :)

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