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I've been wanting to redo our bedroom for the longest time. I've been watching Youtube for room decor ideas and I'm also currently on hunt for bed room themes and inspiration online. I've been thinking of what wall color should I choose or maybe I'll go for wallpapers, I still don't know. Do you guys have any suggestions? 

One of the most important things in redecorating a room aside from the walls lol is the bedding. Most people always disregard and forget how bedding finishes the look of the room. The bed is the focal point of the room so it has to be the coherent within the rest.

Searching for bedding sounds pretty easy because it can be bought basically anywhere. But if you're looking for unique and cheap bedding, I recommend you go online. Yes my dear, even bedding is found online. The internet is a very big mall where you can shop almost everything with just a few scroll and clicks. And when it comes to shopping bedding online I highly recommend you browse Beformal ; check this link http://www.beformal.com.au/list/3d-bedding-c113384/ .

Bedding sale from beformal online store is currently on going guys. You better hurry before they run out of stocks! I've been browsing their shop for quite some time now and found so many gorgeous bedding! here are some of my picks.

Loving this monochrome bedding set especially this cute "her side, his side" that has been circulating around the internet. I'm definitely grabbing one in the future :)

But if you're more on the girly side then this cute and classy bedding set will suit you. I personally love the grid with purple detail bedding set because it looks so cute and simple. The floral bedding also caught my attention with its 3d bedding design. If you want 3d bedding design, then you guys really have to check their site!

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