What to Wear for Homecoming

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 Finding 'the dress' has always been a journey for us girls especially when the event we are attending are with friends and the cool kids we've looked upon right? And in events as such, I'm pretty sure you don't want to repeat dresses right?  Homecoming around the corner? then I guess here's another quest for the perfect homecoming dress. 

Don't worry girls if you're already sick and tired of your plain old dresses and you want to buy a new one but you're on tight budget, because I definitely got your back. My thorough research and expertise when it comes to this matter are very useful for you! If you're reading my blog for the first time, then let me introduce myself for quite a bit. I am a huge web hopper and I stumble upon so many fashion blogs and shops across the net. I've seen so many great online shops that I could recommend to you in any situation you are in. And in this case,if you are looking for inexpensive homecoming dresses I say, Cocomelody is the perfect shop for you.

Now if you ask me "what to wear for homecoming" I say go for your personal style! Be you and reflect that to the dress you're wearing. If you're more modest then be it. The most important thing is to wear something your comfortable and proud.

I opt for a black and white ensemble with this gorgeous short homecoming dress. I love that it looks very sophisticated while not being overly done. You know what I mean?

But if we don't have the same taste don't worry still because they have a lot of wonderful dresses that you will definitely love! you might be glued to your screen while browsing the dresses!

Check their site to see more gorgeous dresses from Cocomelody! :)

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