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Have you imagines your dream wedding? do you have specific and clear envision of what you want your wedding to be? the theme,  details, color scheme, guests, gown, makeup and more? Coz honestly for me, I don't have any yet. Though I've seen so many great celebrity weddings, I'm still on the process of merging all of the themes they had and also, I do not have the budget yet so I wouldn't really know how it would go. And well, I couldn't see myself walking down the aisle for now, maybe 5 years more? then I can tell what I'd like my wedding to be.

 You know the feeling when you see old photos that still looks modern and crisp?  That's what I wanna achieve; a wedding that never go out of style. For the gown, though I don't have a clear envision yet of how it would look like I already have things that I wanna consider in the future. 

Lace Open Back Wedding Dresses
Lace details are my number one favorite detail when it comes to wedding gowns. Why? simply because it's classic and timeless. And I can't think of anything else than lace for my ideal gown.

Trumpet Mermaid Wedding Dresses
Again and again, mermaid dresses are really my thing! it's my favorite type of wedding gown. I love the curve it gives to every bride. I cannot explain but I really love everything in it!

They also have gorgeous bridemaid dresses fit for your closest girlfriends! :) choose from their vast collection of gowns.

Pretty gowns eh? I'm surely getting more and more obsessed with these gowns! and I'm drooling over Landybridal right now! Check them out if you want to see more of these gorgeous creations! Also, be sure to check them every now and then because they always have sale around their site.

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  1. These dresses are stunning!

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