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Summer for me has just started, but for the majority of you it has been long ended. For those of you who's already done with summer, it's now time for you to get back to your office and kick everyone's ass off to work.

Since it's a brand new work phase, set your work mode by spicing up your outfit just a tiny bit. Say, wear sexy high heels to work! Why not? I don't think you're gonna break some rules to that!
But let's just say you're quite on a tight budget, well..don't worry because I got your back!  As all of you know, I'm obsessed with online shop hopping. If there's anyone you'd like to ask advice with regards to online shopping, you'll never go wrong with me! And I say for cheap heels online, you have to check Shoespie . They have so many cheap high heels that you can choose from. Do not worry because they're legit and they got the best quality!

Now if you want to save more money, check them out right now because they have an on going sale! but you have to hurry because their shoes are always sold out! Why? because they're drop dead gorgeous! to give you a peek, here are some of my favorites from them.
Who says you can't wear spiked heels to work? common! it's fashion! be playful and learn to experiment with your work outfit.

Chic White Coppy Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto Heels

If you opt to be more formal and safe, then this white pointed heels is your match! the black lining is superb and it gives the shoes a tiny twist and detail that makes it extraordinary. 

Stylish OL Style Pointed-toe Heels

Rock the neon trend! these gorgeous babies will surely make you stand out! just have fun with your outifit. But since it's already a statement make sure the rest of your look are simple and minimal.

Pointed heels are perfect for work! they're sexy and formal. It can make you look taller and sophisticated too!  and not to mention, it can be paired with basically anything! Shoespie got lots and lots of lovely pointed heels like these, so you have to check them out! right now!

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