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Here we go again with my crazy crazy obsession with dresses! I hope it doesn't bother you in any way <insert peace sign here>  So as all of you know I'm not the type who loves super grand and heavy detailed pieces, same thing with dresses. If you've read my previous dress posts, then you probably know by now that I am a fan of mermaid dresses, that by far it's my favorite type of dress. I don't know about you guys but I think mermaid dresses are just the bomb! it looks very sultry, simple, elegant and classy! 

As I was browsing the net, I bumped in Ihomecoming and they got amazing dresses, and by amazing I mean AMAZING! Ihomecoming mermaid style evening dresses are just to die for. I know I sound absurd and crazy but I mean it, they're just fabulous. Check my favorites below to know why I'm being like crazy right now *wink  

My favorite among the three! I bet you do too! I find it very appealing! its very simple and elegant and when you turn back, you'll see the big surprise! the detail is very intricate and overall unique!

This is another of my favorite Ihomecoming mermaid style evening dresses. Backless dresses are very on trend these days! Personally I find this very pretty! the details are very soft and feminine but I can't really dare to wear a backless dress like this. But if you're daring enough to rock this trend then you'll surely look gorgeous with this!  

I told you! you'll go crazy with these mermaid evening dresses from Ihomecoming just like this separates! Separates are the season's trend!did you noticed too? This dress is very on trend! love the color too! Rock this bold red separate dress with a matching high pony tail to really show off the floral detail of the top :)

I bet you're drooling right now! these dresses are definitely every girl's dream! these mermaid evening dresses from Ihomecoming are literally like GOALS!lol 
You better check Ihomecoming right now!

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  1. Such dreamy dresses. The details on the back are incredible :)

  2. Stunning! Love the second color and dress, so feminine <3

    Brina xoxo, Sweetstreetstyle.blogspot.com


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