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Hi there lovelies! 
I'm so excited about the upcoming summer vacation! A couple of days from now and I'm at last school-work free! But before that, I'll be having exams, difficult exams that I actually have to study right now but I'm still blogging so - ehhhhh, i'll study later! :) meheeeee :3

I gotta blog this quickly so I could start studying because it always takes me an hour before I actually get to focus on my notes. So... guys I'm here again with my obsession with dresses and all wedding things. I've been quite blogging about bridesmaid dresses and the bride's dress itself in my previous blog posts, but this time it's all about mother of the bride dresses tea length.

People normally act with their age and with girls, when we reach 40s -w hen you reach the mother stage you become more formal, conservative or I guess modest than you were still single, young, wild and free. I'm not a mom yet first and foremost, that's just my observation! and I guess I'm right, right? :) And so on events especially on weddings, you can clearly see the difference in age with fashion. Guests on 40s especially the mother of the bride have a mix of modern and traditional fashion. To give a hint of what I'm talking about, here are some dresses that girls on their 40s are most likely to wear.

I know this dress though for 40s girls is even you're type! right? mine too! I can totally wear something like this and by just imagination, I think this dress will surely be gorgeous for my Mom and your Mom too! All dresses in this post is by the way all from Beformal.

Lace will never go our of style! and this dress just proves that! If we, the new generation loves laces, what more our Moms right? They've witness the class and evolution of lace from the old times to the current trends in fashion!

This peplum dress is a modern trend and I think is suits perfectly for Mothers! Not only to hide some belly there which by the way is from giving birth but because it's simply classy!

Belated Happy Mothers Day to your moms by the way! :) If you happen to miss giving a gift to your mom, don't fret because you can still surprise them anytime you want! but I tell you, the best time is now! If you loved the dresses in this post, I'm sure your Mom will love them even more! why not buy them one the dresses I just showed you right? :)  Check out mother of the bride tea length at beformal for more of these amazing dresses for your mom!

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  1. nice corporate dresses for work too! :))

    xoxo, rae

  2. What an elegant look! You will also like this one, http://www.aiven.co.uk/modern-column-v-neck-cap-sleeves-short-blue-bridesmaid-dress-p-9863.html


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