Summer Rays

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I already can feel that it's summer! I've been doing outdoor activities pretty much now and the sun is totally freaking me out! it's super super major major hot! I feel like sunblock is insufficient! But I really didn't care about it. All I had in mind was to enjoy the adventure and experience! I have all the time to pamper and gain back my skin color after the season so might as well enjoy the moment! Right? *wink

My friends and I, we went to many places around town. We visited the famous Maria Cristina Waterfalls, Mimbalut falls and the Macapagal's Ancestral House. It was a whole lot of fun! It was so good visiting the places with my friends that I haven't seen for a while. The whole adventure thing was actually unexpected, I mean the hanging bridge and all the trekking like walks. I was on my usual go-to attire with just shirt, jeans and shoes! I didn't even have a pair of sunglass with me!

That's lesson learned for me. If your living in the tropics like me, you have to always carry on a pair of sunglass. I always told myself to bring one but I always forget, and also I don't have a go-to sunglass that could match any outfit so I always have to take some time to choose a sunglass for my current outfit. It's very time consuming that is why I searched for a good pair of sunglass online that I could practically just wear everyday. 

You'll surely never go wrong with aviator sunglasses! and this pair is just perfect for any occasion and for everyday basis. So hip, sleek and chic! Found this at Apparel Candy and I am just so in love!

I also found out a lot of gorgeous dresses and tops!For shopaholics, you will absolutely love this shop! the quality is good but you can avail them at a cheap price! and for business women like me who are looking for cheap suppliers, Apparel Candy is  also offering wholesale clothing and aviator wholesale sunglasses

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