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I still can't believe it's summer! Do I sounds crazy? Anyway, since it's summer it's time to wear and flaunt our maxi dresses! if you're planning on a vacation somewhere near the beach then you have to have at least one maxi dress. Never ever forget that, don't just focus yourself on bikinis! You never know when a party of formal dinner happens. You gotta make yourself prepared at all times!

If you happen to still not have any maxi dress, then I recommend you buy romantic floral prints maxi dresses. Because its summer, heavy floral patterns and prints will surely be appropriate.

Plain, sleek and sophisticated white will never go out of style even in summer. You will never ever go wrong with whites! This dress could double up as maxi and a formal dress! 

Let's say you have a super gorgeous maxi dress, but then you don't even have a pair of decent sandals then you're still good as okay. Complete your look with an equally gorgeous and comfortable sandals firmly planted on the platform. 

I love these pairs to bits! they are all embellished by chic. Just look at the details! just wow!

Remember, good shoes take you to good places! but don't just settle for good shoes, choose the one that is comfortable and fits just right to your size. If everything is set then you surely is good to go! don't worry about your make up, you're going to soak and swim anyway :) just enjoy the moment!

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