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Many local celebrities tied knots since last year,  Yeng&Yan, Dong&Yan, Heart&Chiz  to name a few. And I am pretty sure this year will be no different with a lot of celebrities getting engaged! It's been like a series of grand weddings here and there; on churches, forest, garden and the most apparent of all, at the beach. Beach weddings have been really on trend. Why not? it's unique, fascinating and magical. I would personally like a wedding at the beach too!

During weddings, it's the bride's gown that I'm pretty sure everyone is watching out for, especially the girls. Of course it' the ceremony itself that's most important, but it's just that there's something really exciting to see on every bride's gown. The gown represents and expresses the bride and first and foremost, the bride is the star and is the prettiest that day and I'm sure the gown will pretty much make the bride stand out more. 

And when it comes to bride's gown, it's a totally different thing when weddings are held in other places most especially on the beach. There's a different vibe and style to the gowns. Most of it are made of soft cloth, its light and breezy.

Aren't these gowns adorable? they have such magical, whimsical and rustic vibe to it that gives me chills. If you're fascinated with this gowns, then you definitely have to check Groupdress especially because they have a ton of Cheap Deal Dresses 2015 where you can find amazing gowns and dresses for less than $100 ! sounds great eh? check 'em out!

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  1. My wife and I have been thinking about having a beach wedding. I'm actually an oceanographer and she is a swimmer. We just love the water and sea and I think it would match us well. We will also need to find a dress for her. http://www.islandbeachresort.net


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