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I truly believe on the saying that good shoes could take you to good places! considering that its comfy, durable and picture perfect! Now, I;m pretty sure you're imagining a pair of chuck taylor or vans shoes perhaps? well, maybe! but have you thought about peep toe heels

Yes lovelies! a pair of black and red peep toe heels can surely take you to good places! Say you're a business woman, don't tell me you're gonna wear sneakers to your meetings right? lol of course not! For sure, you're either wearing a pointed heels or perhaps a peep-toe shoes!  It's actually a no brainer coz peep toe heels are super comfy! and it lets your feet breathe!

If you're a peep-toe heel girl like myself, you might also like these favorite  pairs of mine that I saw from (
(click the photos to check product details)
For girly girls, I know you'll love this cute floral printed heels! Looks very feminine and sophisticated! Perfect for office meetings, dates or daytime events!

If you're the bomb type of girl and you like bold statement pieces, this pair is your perfect match! No need to wear heavy accessories or super printed dress or tops! You're shoes will take care of everything for you!

Bad girl type? this chain detailed black peep-toe heels suits you pretty well! Edgy, bold, cool and hip! describes you perfectly eh? :)

All these amazing pieces and more on ! If you haven't heard of them yet, they're an online shoe shop that offers not only peep-to heels but all classifications of shoes! name them all and they have it. They have peep toe heels under 50 ( if you're on budget and also have sexy looking open toe sneaker wegde
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