Prom on the budget!

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I'm broke. Who's with me? lol 

It's Love month once again guys! but not just that, it's also Prom Month. Aren't you excited? Prom is one of my most memorable events. It was an event that my classmates and I have always looked forward to.  Though super tiring, finding the perfect dress was super fun. Plus, it was like once in a lifetime event when I was a teen where I had the chance to wear beautiful gowns, makeup and overall look like a lady.

But with the crisis going on today, you  have to adhere to your budget. But girls, don't worry! DressWe and I is here to help you. If you're currently looking for a cheap dress yet could still make you shine for prom, check out DressWe.

This is one of my favorites from their site. The color is super lovely, purple and silver goes very well together, and the design is just pretty. Love the flowy gowns and the elegant embellishments

Just stunning. The dress is a big statement piece. You'll never go wrong with printed gowns as you won't need to accessorize anymore! A comfy heels and a go-to bag will complete the look.

Whites will always be a no brainer for dresses. Simple as it may seem, but it's the details that will count. This dress caught my attention as the design looks very simple and youthful. All you need is to accessorize a bit, an arm party perhaps?

Those are just some of the cheap elegant prom dresses of , for more you have to check this link out:

And girls, if you're looking for the perfect bag for your dress, well...

these are the cheap handbags for women of ! aren't they gorgeous?

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