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It's every girl's dream to wear that perfect gown on their wedding day. Since time in memorial, planning the wedding dress is one of the most important thing to consider. Many designs and styles have been created to cater every bride's needs. Majority of the wedding gowns are white which symbolizes purity, while others in these days like their gowns in color cream, red and even pink. Some of the brides now prefer medium-length gowns, some likes the ball gown type, etc. The latest styles of wedding dress have now varied in a lot of ways. 
If you are the minimal type like me, then these dresses are surely in your liking too. Plain, crisp and simple but very elegant. 

If you prefer a bit of details here and there, then a mermaid gown is for you. I love how mermaid gowns are made. How the body fit cut can accentuate the curves is very elegant. 

For the princess wannabe brides, a princess gown is your perfect match. That huge, ball skirt will surely make you stand out from the rest. 

But if you are a bit of extraordinary and you want your gown to be like it, then these dresses might be the one. Extraordinary details like ruffles, layers or colored gowns will surely make a difference.

Whether you are the type of bride who likes a minimal dress or a very detailed one, Weddingshe  ( )is the one stop shop! Those dresses are all from them. Aren't they pretty? Check their Wedding Dresses 2015 Collection to see more.

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  1. great selection..
    these dresses are so elegant

  2. i love looking at wedding dresses. I;m all about the lace :)

  3. At my wedding, all the guests (literally, all) told me how the food surpassed all expectations, since wedding food generally sucks. The brisket at location for vows was mind-blowing. My husband also had some custom choices for food that the chef easily made and incorporated.

    1. That's great to hear! another important thing on weddings is absolutely food!


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