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Like clockwork, prom happens every year. For some, it's like one of the biggest night in a year while on the other hand, some consider it a hassle in their life. But whether you're the girl who rants about prom or the girl who considers prom a big deal, one thing is for sure ---> huge preparations should be done ahead of time. Everybody will be strutting their looks and styles so you better look your best! 
Prom is a formal event so you must consider looking formally good. Meaning not to sexy nor too dull, but still having that youth and vibrant aura. Also you should look modest and respected with your clothing that is why finding the perfect prom dress is really a very important thing. For some, they spend months ahead to find the right gown for their body type, for their personal style and a lot of other factors to consider.  Personally, I think the perfect dress is the one that exudes just the right amount of sexiness while having that elegant look. 
When it comes to gowns, I think whites are very classy and very goddess-like. If you are more of a minimalist like me, white gowns like such are perfect. A bit of sheer here and there wouldn't hurt and if you are more modest you can opt for a more covered top.
Colors depending upon your style and mood can really accentuate a look. If you like colored gowns rather than all whites yet you love a bit more of a feminine touch, you can choose pastels. Not only it gives you more feminine touch but also a more youthful look.
Bold colors are perfect for girls who likes to have a bolder look. Bold colors like red is a statement piece. So if you like less accessorizing and effortless yet very polished look, wear a red gown. Go then with a natural, minimal make up to balance out the look.
Long gowns like so are the usual pieces when it comes to formal events like prom. Why not? it may be traditional for some but I think they are perfect for formal events. Not only that it looks classy but also very empowering. So if you are looking for more of these pretty long prom dresses (, you can check Landybridal. They have amazing collection of dresses at affordable prices. If you love discounts, well you are at the right place. You have to check their site because they have constant sale every now and then.
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  1. I love dresses...
    In the meanwhile, would you like to follow each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Kisses!

  2. Perfect. Soft colors, so nice! :)


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