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It's quite a timing that while I'm writing this post, the reality show I DO is currently airing it's grand final episode. Well I hope the deserving winner will live their happy ever after. And a happy ever after starts with a very pure and sincere wedding ceremony. It takes a couple of break ups to finally meet find that perfect one, that knight and shinning armor or that ideal partner. But there really are those lucky ones who sees true love with their first love. Ain't that cute? :)

Well, in anyways if it's true love then it's one great love. It takes sacrifices and a lot of understanding and adjusting before tying the knot. And right before deciding to finally tie everything, make sure you both are ready to commit and dedicate each other in making a happy family. But aside from that, you might also want to consider the finances and much preparations needed in arranging a wedding. If you're oozing with budget, hire a professional wedding planner. No fuss coz all you need to do is choose choose choose! and they'll make it all happen for you. But for those who are quite short in finances, don't ya' worry coz you can plan your dream wedding yourself. It would be quite tough but one good thing about it is that you can customize your wedding exactly how you want it. 

You can make the giveaways, invitations and all others from scratch. It's the perfect time to ooze out your creative juices! work it! :)

And if you totally want to cut off your budget, consider buying that simple yet elegant dress online! Why online? well, there are a lot of fancy and cheap wedding dresses offered and! they're totally one of a kind and trendsetter too! 

As for me, if I'm gonna marry right now I would love to wear something that is classic and timeless. If you're my type then you might want any of these Wedding Dresses too!.

I'm not much of that ballgowns type. I personally prefer simple yet statement gowns and I think this one is definitely it! Very simple yet the details are very elegant.

Laces are timeless and laces all over a gown is classic!

If you're feeling a little fancy or if you have a themed wedding then you might want this one too! So classy and elegant like a Greek goddess! 

If you want more of these gorgeous wedding dresses check out


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