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The search for the perfect prom dresses is over! Whether your more of a rock chic, a glam girl or an edgy preppy, or maybe you're still looking for inspirations- you can find your match dress right in one shop online! 

There's no need to walk around town to check all the boutique shops for your dream dress. With just a couple of clicks and scrolls, you'll see a wide array of amazing and beautiful prom dresses! And if you're quite worried about your budget, don't be coz they have trendy dresses at very low prices. Also, they launch many promotions every now and then. You just gotta be quick and updated with every sale.

Check Landybridal - an online UK shop that sells super amazing dresses. Their dresses are just so trendy and in style! the embroidery details are so sophisticated. If you love to wear long length gowns for prom or a medium length one, they got so many! you'll drool over their super wide collection! I've got so many favorites right at their site! here some amazing dresses form their collection.
Aren't they gorge? these are just samples of a whole bunch of other pretty dresses at their site. Check their site and find your perfect dress!

And from all those pretty long flowy Prom Dresses I saw this one stood out from the rest. 
A super flowy light blue long dress. It just got me the first time I saw it. It looks so refreshing and really a sweetheart! This will surely make a the prom queen if I'm going to a prom! 

Match your perfect prom dress with shoes as gorgeous as the dress! but be sure it fits you really good and that you can still walk with the heels. Remember, good shoes takes you to good places! and well, do not forget to accessories! minimal accessories will be enough since your dress will probably have sparkly embellishments and embroidery. A natural make up and simple hair will complete the look! a neutral eyed shadow will balance the bright color of the dress, plus flush that warm blush and lips to finish the look. Look good while looking natural and feeling comfortable! Stand straight and walk the runway with smile and confidence girl. Because at the end of the day, its the way you carry the dress that makes you stand out. 


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