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If you are hands-on in your wedding preparations, one important thing to remember is making a check list. List all the things you have to prepare. From the invitation, gowns, menu, color theme, prenup photo, decorations to the songs and many more! also, make a timeline to ensure everything is set - on what date are you going to the venue to settle everything there, the date you're going to the tailoring for the fitting, etc! mark all the dates and schedule everything. Have someone with you to organize. If not your husband, then maybe your bridesmaid.

And speaking of bridesmaid, make sure to select the proper bridesmaid dresses too! you don't want them to wear something so different from your wedding theme right? The dresses should match with the color hue and the bride's gown itself. And in case you are wondering how it should look like, here are my picks that you might love.

This is one of my favorite The top part is so elegant and classy! Love how the skirt part completed the Audrey Hepburn timeless look. This dress doesn't need a lot of work on the accessory department. Just take on some lovely pearls and classy pointed while heels

The off-shoulder detail makes this dress so captivating and sweet. If you love teal then maybe it’s one of your reasons why you love this dress too. Seriously, who wouldn’t? especially when you look at the back detail of the dress, sexy yet still modest. A statement necklace and white pointed shoes will definitely compliment the look

If you prefer long gowns for your bridesmaid and if you’re like most of the girls who loves pink then this dress might be perfect for you. The off rose color , the sheer and the rose strap details are just too vintage-like and elegant.

Whether you’re more on the long or medium length gowns just like all those above thatI love. You have to check Dressestylist. They're one of the best when it comes to dresses. For all your events and occasions, you can check their site to buy dresses online. They got different styles and designs that are on trend and are very much unique. They have a lot sale going on every now and then too in their site. So if you're on budget, they also have something for you. For now, they have lovely dresses on their Bridesmaid Dresses UK section.

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  1. Super post and dresses! :)

    Brina xoxo, Check out -->COAT GIVEAWAY

  2. Gorgeous dresses, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new outfit post up, let me know what you think! :)


  3. the pink long one is my favourite, very elegant indeed :)


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