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9:27:00 PM

It's been quite a while! Been pretty busy and dull lately. Nothing fancy to post hence the hiauts. Anyways, I would like to share this awesome sale of Rings&Tings to you. They are giving 20% off on all items!

 I know you've heard of them before in my blog and also in some others. But to give you more info about them here's a hint:
"Ringsandtings.com – Online fashion store | Latest trends | Affordable prices

RingsandTings.com, one of the leading online fashion stores, now offers free delivery worldwide over £35GBP/ €42EUR / $55USD on its extensive array of fashionable clothing for women. Other than bringing in the latest trends from the catwalks and the streets, this special offering is one of the reasons more and more customers are turning to Rings and Tings for their wardrobe needs – with over 25000 customers shopping at Rings & Tings per year from around the world.

Bringing in Varying Styles
Other than embracing varying styles, RingsandTings.com pays attention to detail to each of its products. They only use the best materials available and ensure the highest quality possible, while making its products affordable to consumers. The company has priced its products to be competitive with similar style items offered by high-end popular chain stores. By being ahead of trends, RingsandTings.com has been featured on top fashion magazines and media, such as Teen Vogue, Glamour, Allkpop and Fashion TV.

Embracing everything from the fashion week trends to timeless pieces, RingsandTings.com has identified a significant niche in the fashion industry. The online store’s line of clothing and accessories has made them a popular shopping destination for local and international customers.

About RingsandTings.com
RingsandTings.com is one of the most up-to-date online fashion stores, stocking unique pieces at reasonable prices. With over 3000 fashionable items in-store, Rings & Tings offers a wide array of tops, dresses, bottoms, and outerwear that will help shoppers make a statement. RingsandTings.com is also a popular online provider of an impressive array of accessories, such as bags, shoes, and fashion jewellery.

For more information about the store and its products, visit http://www.ringsandtings.com/  "

I promise you, you won't regret buying from them because they're so adorable and they're company is well trusted. I can attest to that myself :)


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