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Hi guys! 2014 homecoming season of Dresswe online promotion and Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses promotion is on! They are having super big promotion for your Homecoming Events! 
They got adorable dresses and accessories on their site that you can choose from!
Check below for their promotions. Or check their site out yourself!

And among all those pretty dresses, I've had a very hard time picking what's my fave because they are all so fancy and trendy! Perks of choosing the perfect dress among racks of perfect dresses! does this make any sense? coz to me it does! It's like a live or die situation! lol I know, I sound ridiculous! but admit it, you feel that way too!

My picks are the following:

I love minimal designs, with only beads, floral and lace details. If possible, I like everything on same hue or maybe monochromatic. Elegant and sophisticated looking.

It's not only dress that they have, but also awesome shoes and accessories! And if you drooled over their amaaaaaaazing dress collection and huge sale, I bet you will AGAIN in there shoe section!
Here are my top picks!
Pumps are the best pair for Homecomings. Aside from it looks elegant, it also exudes a hint of sexiness and as well as formality. Plus! the instant height!

Everything you are looking for homecoming or any upcoming event, you can absolutely find them here! its a one stop shop for dress hunt and shopping galore! 

What are you waiting for? 
May it be Homecoming event or whatsoever party, check out Dresswe!

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