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I am guilty with not having a party dress in my wardrobe. I only have casual ones that aren't even worth at a party. I know I'm not the only one guilty because most of my friends doesn't have an event dress too! and I know most of you too. But why do we have to have at least a dress? because we might not know when a big event is coming. Especially on sudden invitations when we don't have the luxury of time to hunt for dresses.

You might be thinking of having at least one now right? to help you buy that perfect dress that could fit in all occasion, here are some of my tips and favorite Dresswe 2014 cheap homecoming dresses online.

1. You can never be overdressed or under dressed in a black dress. You will never go wrong with a white one too! Black and/or white dresses are considered the universal color in fashion. It can fit in with every color in the wheel. And that goes with different events as well. With any theme or motif an event have, wearing white or black is always an excuse. To give you an idea where to find cheaper dresses, visit Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses promotion.

2. Choose a dress with an appropriate length. If you have abundant money to spend with many dresses you like then you are one lucky girl. But if you don't have yet that big budget then one dress is just enough as long as you make sure that you can use it with any event!

3. Be sure to choose a simple design that could be worn on different types of event. Better to be simple and sure than sorry right?

4. Choose the dress according to your age. Choose the dress you think you can wear with all confidence. If you're in doubt wearing sleeveless or a dress that shows off skin then avoid those. Whether what style or cuts your dream dress is, make sure its classy.

5. What compliments a dress more is a nice pair of shoes! Pair your dress with an equally awesome shoes to complete your look! If you don't have any idea where to find the perfect shoes on a cheaper price, you might want to check Dresswe cheap women sandals hot sales.

Have a great day!

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