ModCloth: Retro Vintage Clothing

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Bumped around this site a while ago and drooled over their amazing items. Who doesn't love vintage style? or retro? or boho? or even indie? Check this site out and find a lot of pretty vintage clothes that you choose from a wide variety of options! plus, they're cheaper than any other shops! 

How did you start ModCloth?

"Growing up, I always had a passion for thrifting and was unable to pass up a great vintage find, even if it wasn’t my size or style. By 2002, I had amassed quite a collection, and my boyfriend at the time (now husband) Eric, had started his own website when he was 16 and designed a website to help me turn thrifting into a modest money-making hobby. Both of us attended Carnegie Mellon University, and the business moved from my dorm room, to a basement, to larger and larger warehouses." source : ModCloth 




Visit ModCloth now!

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  1. I love their items! Thanks for sharing this :)

    Bissous! x

  2. is their idea of "thrifting" the same as ours?

    1. Almost. But i think their thrift shops are more appropriate and has a well established shop unlike ours.

  3. Wow! Another new to me. Will visit. Thanks!

  4. another vintage online shop .i love the look of the vintage.the dress is lovely ,i like the color and style. i super like the earrings too.

  5. i do love love mod cloth!!! definitely! xx

  6. i love vintage shops! i like looking at beautiful pieces, pero if i imagine them for myself, i'm not sure anymore :/

  7. Ha! Vintage! I used to go to prom with Dita Von Teese as my inspiration. I like vintage pin up models' look, only from neck and up, of course.

  8. nice selections, will check them out later.

  9. Nice vintage fashion picks. Just fitted for those
    who are into modern and stylish dressing.

  10. love the bag and the chandelier earrings are awesome!


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